Amélie 2001 movie Watch Amelie movie. A movie “Amelie” director by Jean-Pierre Jeunet. Amélie Movie stream here. A slice of heaven right here on earth, “Amelie” is a joy to behold, and has some of the most gorgeous cinematography I’ve ever seen in a movie. This movies biggest crime, and yet its biggest asset, is that it is in French. Subtitles just does not bring full justice to a movie like this, and it is bound to scare off most of the audience not used to subtitled movies. The film is full of surprises in both plot and characters. I left the theatre feeling lighter. It is truly one of a kind, eccentric, unusual and uplifting. I will not say more on it as it would spoil the fun. Amélie’s conflict is what rounds out the picture and makes it complete. The movie is deep and takes Amélie’s inner struggle seriously, but it’s never heavy. If not for anything else, see it for Tautou’s performance, but prepare to be smothered in a dream world. Watch free full Amelie “Fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain, Le” film online.

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Amelie Comments

[..YouTube..] I ended up hereOnly because of yann tiersen

sirwut says:

[..YouTube..] I only listen to Merica.

[..YouTube..] Ross Academy Drumline “Perception” Music from Amelie” Check this Amelie Percussion Show Video!! Truly incredible. Yann tiersen’s masterpieces played by kids! Must See this!! :)

grazzygirl5 says:

[..YouTube..] One of my fave foreign films

Bsblrook2 says:

[..YouTube..] Most Def.

TheMarvin315 says:

[..YouTube..] One of the most movies ever

[..YouTube..] TOTALLY AGREEEE! It’s my favorite movie. And it’s the French that makes it beautiful . Originals no matter what form are always better.

[..YouTube..] its called ‘la noyee’

fosterslover says:

[..YouTube..] This movie was never dubbed in English, at least not to my knowledge. It’s just a trailer folks.

[..YouTube..] the trailer is messed up, the movie is much better

[..YouTube..] Whats with the corporate “Audi advert” style voice-over artist.

MajorBluntz says:

[..YouTube..] Check out the soundtrack.

Louchan2 says:

[..YouTube..] I haven’t seen the dubbed version, but seeing how they decided not to include any dialogue in this trailer except for “hey”, I suspect it’s pretty bad.

Tilumbus says:

[..YouTube..] Even the german speaker 1000 times better.

ytgurlii says:

[..YouTube..] she looks like johnny depp as willy wonka!

[..YouTube..] does anyone know what the music is called from 0:37-0:58