Watch Bat Man film. A film “BatMan” director by Tim Burton. What is all this yap about Michael Keaton as Batman? Watch Batman movie online for free. Yes, he was Batman, and he was a GREAT Batman. The story follows our Caped Crusader in his quest to clean up Gotham which is in the midst of a frightening crime wave. There was much unnecessary angst when comic actor Michael Keaton landed the title role with fans feeling that was a sure sign the film would lean towards the campy style evident in the famous television series. Tim Burton has a unique way of doing Batman, and I think most people can agree that it fits the characters and the story. To bad Warner Bros. got rid of him after the 2nd film. Watch free full Batman (1989) film online..!!

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Batman Comments

AvidAngels says:

[..YouTube..] val kilmer is also best.

mosset4 says:

[..YouTube..] yep Keaton is best.

jarrett2005x says:

[..YouTube..] Michael Keaton was the best Batman. Not as Bruce Wayne. But as Batman. He didn’t have to sound like he’s whispering loud like Christian Bale in the Batsuit. Michael sounded good with a normal dark tone to his voice.

gregfate says:

[..YouTube..] jack nicholson did for the joker what hannibal lector did for anthony hopkins! he set the standard! this is a great video!!!! love the original batman movie and for me it was nicholson that made the movie! every scene he’s in is pure genious!!!

[..YouTube..] holy shit

Mentidero says:

[..YouTube..] I know! And I like it. Yet, if you judge by the official trailer, it’s quite boring, :)

[..YouTube..] You saw this in theaters too and had a few merchandise? did you see the sequel in theaters and watched the animated show as well? that was an awesome and grown up superhero animated show that came out near prime time in the early 90s

[..YouTube..] What about Kevin Conroy from TAS?

willb3452 says:

[..YouTube..] I don’t even care I would pay to see keaton as batman if they do an aging batman

[..YouTube..] Eh, it is an action movie. It’s just not as fast paced as everything is today.

[..YouTube..] The other, 1966 style one was funny, but this one was even better IMO. :)

Mentidero says:

[..YouTube..] What do you know? This trailer made that movie looked like an action movie, XD

blade3327fan says:

[..YouTube..] ive only seen batman,batman returns,batman forever and batman begins AND TDKbut then i scroll down and i see BATMAN AND ROBIN and…. wow -.- 1.bane is retardet2.every line Mr freeze has the word “Ice” in it3.Robin is a pussy

jfluff95 says:

[..YouTube..] keaton is by far a better batman, i still think bales bruce wane is the best, right next to val kilmer. hopefully bale took some constructive criticism from the dark knight, and the voice in the dark knight rises will be less cancerish

RooX94 says:

[..YouTube..] Well! He fits better to play as Lucius Fox then Harvey Dent/Two-Face Mate! XD

neojock says:

[..YouTube..] Bravo my friend, Bravo! Genius. Love the video. Love all batman movies!