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Watch Confessions of a Shopaholic film. A film “Confessions of a Shopaholic” director by P.J. Hogan. I’m not sure why people are giving this movie such a hard time. Admittedly, there are some humorous parts. Fisher does a great job playing stupid and trying to cover it up. That cutting edge charm in the star’s previous roles is frequently present but with a tried and tested formulaic plot that charm is always hanging in mid air. She inadvertently gets hired to work as a journalist in (out of all places) a financial magazine. However, her overridden goal is to work as a fashion journalist in the monarchic fashion magazine “Adelle”. The Comedy was there and the romantic moments were classic. This movie really reaches out to those in bad debt and can help anyone understand the attachment to clothing. The value was for me, as it expressed the complexity that comes with losing control of your money, on your job, family, friends. In the end lots of audience laughs and smiles throughout and really that is what a day at your local movie theater is all about. Watch free full Confessions of a Shopaholic film online.

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Confessions of a Shopaholic Comments

ianTarshis says:

[..YouTube..] I think you can watch d the m0v!ie @ MOOV ZON, COM g00gle the link above

WillisMovies says:

[..YouTube..] im seeing this tomoro with my mum,actually looks good!x

glow80 says:

[..YouTube..] Good Review. Btw, her name is pronounced Eye-la. The S is silent. She mentioned it once in a interview. Like Island.

umairrrr says:

[..YouTube..] Thats not what she said lol she said women in GENERAL relate to ROMANTIC MOVIES in GENERAL lol

umairrrr says:

[..YouTube..] haha. owned

itsnotmedj says:

[..YouTube..] it’s weird how the asian said that she couldn’t relate to the movie, but then grace asked why would you wanna watch the movie and she said you can relate to it. I’m confused.

[..YouTube..] No worries! :)