Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2000 movieWatch Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon film. A film “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” director by Ang Lee. Crouching Tiger is Ang Lee’s take on the Wu Xia tradition of film making. Wu Xia, for those not familiar with the style, evolved out of popular Chinese fiction. The camera rises, we see an almost impossible panorama of Peking, the Forbidden City spreading out before us like an Oz extending to the horizon. here were so many different layers to the plot. There were many things that couldn’t be explained with dialogs that were expressed in the characters’ faces. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is a film of titanic proportions, with all the pageantry of Kundun, minus the ponderous pace, and without a trace of the cloying sentimentalism which infected Titanic’s impoverished narrative. Watch free full Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon – Wo hu cang long film online.

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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Comments

kannarin says:

[..YouTube..] I just watched the movie a few days ago and it was awesome!I wouldn’t say the BEST but I totally loved it….the trailer is just horrible!

kameshita says:

[..YouTube..] nooo this trailer totally doesn’t represent the movie! back when they made this trailer they didn’t think the movie would be a hit so they didn’t put much budget into this trailer… I’m assuming.

kannarin says:

[..YouTube..] This trailer looks shit…I dunno if I should watch it.

kannarin says:

[..YouTube..] Lol…stupid joke but it made me laugh

SHP8 says:

[..YouTube..] the matrix 1 came firstbut this was before reloaded and rev. the matrix was inspired by yuen woo pings choreography in case u didnt know the fights in matrix 1 and 2 were inspired by jet lis fist of legend made in 1994. do some research plz

PiggyNIN says:

[..YouTube..] ohhhhh kkkkk… which came first, the matrix or this movie? ok then. fighting films were not like this. then matrix. and look at that… looks pretty similiar if you ask me…. gaylord

[..YouTube..] lol I was just kiddingggggg.

rastafish24 says:

[..YouTube..] 36 chambers of shaolin

SHP8 says:

[..YouTube..] your moms got a nice crouching tiger and she showed me her hidden dragon. loljk