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Dangerous Beauty Watch Dangerous Beauty film. Full Dangerous Beauty movie watch online. A film “Dangerous Beauty” director by Marshall Herskovitz. It’s 16th Century Venice; Marco Venier (Rufus Sewell) is of a wealthy and powerful family, and is a Senator in good standing in the community. He is also in love with Veronica Franco (Catherine McCormack), who though intelligent and beautiful. Franco’s trial before the inquisition wasn’t the maudlin thing it was in the movie, either. It wasn’t even public and her accuser was a disgruntled and unpaid tutor, claiming she participated in rituals and other rites in her house. Her greatest detractors were courtiers, such as Maffio Venier, who competed with courtesans for the money bestowed by wealthy patrons. As she says in the movie, they must both sing for their suppers. The movie is not the speediest, but the learning process, and the development of the situation is excellent. The music is also very good, I believe by George Fenton, and suits and supports the music and is worth the listen all on its own. A must see and one of the year’s best. Where were the critics on this one? Played to empty theaters mostly. It is not one to take your kids to which usually causes me to deduct points. But, the scenes that make it unsuitable for children are absolutely essential for this story. It is impressive how this movie excited me with the most different emotions and I have just included it in my list of favorites. Watch free full Dangerous Beauty film online.

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