Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights

Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights OnlineWatch Dirty Dancing film. A film “Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights” director by Guy Ferland. Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights Online for Free here. This movie is now without a doubt on my top 10 list now! The mix of drama, romance, history, and dance is perfect! The acting, dancing, and music in the movie was great. Deigo Luna was so hot! This was not as good as the first, but considering it wasn’t really a sequel but more like a completely different movie I thought it was awesome. The acting was good, the dancing awesome, and the soundtrack even better. I LOVE this movie, and the music is absolutely amazing! It makes you want to dance and I feel alive when I see the movie. If you want to have a big musical experience filed with love and drama, then enjoy every minute of this film! I hope you will let yourself flowed away to the Cuban music. Watch free Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights 2004 full film online now..!!

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Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights Comments

cerrane says:

[..YouTube..] Magnifique!!!!!!!!!

denca252525 says:

[..YouTube..] bezva film*

MrWiebehut says:

[..YouTube..] a good song!!

[..YouTube..] s2……………………….S2

[..YouTube..] Anyone upload the full film? many thanks!

Cluedschen says:

[..YouTube..] Das ist so Wunderschön ich liebe diesen song und den film.Schade das Patrick so krank ist er ist einfach genial.

efigeniae1 says:

[..YouTube..] beautifill..verry good…. love love

efigeniae1 says:

[..YouTube..] lindoooooo amo amo… :p

TheAndzia42 says:

[..YouTube..] Kocham Patrica:* a muzyka zar?bista :*

taebird1970 says:

[..YouTube..] I love this movie and this song!!!!! Makes me cry everytime though.

myszka6n91 says:

[..YouTube..] ?wietny, uwielbiam go i mog?abym ogl?da? go kolejne 100 razy.

loveyou6613 says:

[..YouTube..] mooie film ||

702forever says:

[..YouTube..] ive always loved the ending

logico303 says:

[..YouTube..] Patrick e Jennifer, conseguiram com esta cena, escreverem, O mais sutil poema de amor, jamais escrito em toda historia de dança do cinema. Encarnaram dois dos personagems mais lindos da historia do cinema. A película, lembra O Romeu e Julieta de Sheakspeare.

[..YouTube..] I lOve this sOng,this dance and this man !! xD

waskay23 says:

[..YouTube..] Kasia to fajne i full romantyczne :) a jednak buziaki id? dla Arlety :)****