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Fast & Furious poster Watch Fast & Furious film. A film “Fast & Furious” director by Justin Lin. I just got back from the midnight screening of ‘Fast & Furious’ and I have to admit the movie very much exceeded my fairly low expectations for the film. What brings him back to Los Angeles is revenge for the death of his girlfriend (Michelle Rodriguez) at the hands of brutal drug dealers led by Braga. In the first couple of scenes of Fast & Furious you see that Han is part of Dom’s crew that hi-jacks gas tankers in the Dominican Republic. Walker is not the star of the movie, but behind the star he manages his part well. He does a good job of playing his part and not going beyond that and try to make a great performance. Entertaining for a viewing but it doesn’t give us anything new to a franchise that has been extremely one note from the get go. I think they could have done more considering the two main characters are on opposite sides of the law and are very close and have a past. Fans will all be happy with the latest installment. It’s miles better than Tokyo Drift, and although I didn’t see number 2, this one beat the original to the finish line for me. Watch free full Fast & Furious film online.

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Fast & Furious Comments

detriplea says:

[..YouTube..] I almost unsubscribed, HAHAHAHAHA

[..YouTube..] Every reviewer must have a “pretend they like it” vid.

[..YouTube..] Hahaha.. You really had me scratching myShiny forehead for a little while.. Funny review. And I am so forunate to have never seen this film.. My o my the electrodes in myBrain canRest easy.

[..YouTube..] I meant the big race scene. *

[..YouTube..] Yeah, I really liked it. Swung it straight at the end by giving it a modest rating. The Only climax in each F&F movie is the bed race scene that takes place 1/3 or 1/4 the way into the movie, or at the beginning as in the 2003′ Sequel, 2 Fast 2 Furious. The race in Fast and furious was the best. There was servere car wreckage and I was drooling over O’Connor’s Blue R34 Skyline. Who wasn’t, right? I cried when it got blown to hell. Not really, but almost. lol

[..YouTube..] damn i was scared xD

mlopapa1 says:

[..YouTube..] That shit is soooo funny!!!!

[..YouTube..] when i first saw this i was thinking “man, he’s crazy!” then when i found out it was april fools, i laughed my ass off. TMPC

[..YouTube..] whole movie posted on my channel!!

candy654 says:

[..YouTube..] lol tht was good

[..YouTube..] One could argue that it’s all about perspective rather then what’s right or wrong. It’s an entirely subjective matter and it’s all in opinion, in which his videos are.

guennbrot says:

[..YouTube..] in germany the pacifier is actually calledthe babynatorhow stupid is that

newar791 says:

[..YouTube..] lol i love this movie

westiesmum69 says:

[..YouTube..] it was awesome!

Cinemanimal says:

[..YouTube..] me too!