Fireproof film Watch Fireproof film. A film “Fireproof” director by Alex Kendrick. Where to watch “Fireproof” film. I was impressed by how well they portrayed everyday struggles and temptations instead of going out on a limb with plot elements that weren’t relevant to the everyday person. Fireproof exposes the isolation that can occur between 2 people who started out loving each other, but over time disconnect, become self-absorbed and fall into a pattern of hurting each other. The action sequences are exceptionally well done. A few good laughs are sprinkled in for good measure. At first Cameron’s character just goes through the motions, but as time goes by, helped by his parents and a fellow fireman, his love is transformed and renewed. If any of these statements about “Fireproof” close your mind to it, that’s your loss, but God bless you as you pass on this one to go see something lighter or edgier. Will God save their marriage, and make it healthy again? These are the questions that this film answers. Watch free full Fireproof film online.

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Part 1 Part 2

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Fireproof Comments

analphabetik says:

[..YouTube..] ahahahh – i love bad actor and i don’t think this is a Great movie, but for being a christian inspired thing it s not really bad. ( probably i am also a moron :-)

Shad0wCl0wn says:

[..YouTube..] In order to like this movie I think you have to believe in God, be a moron, or love terrible movies and bad actors. Possibly all 3.

[..YouTube..] this is one of my favorite movies of all time and this is coming from a 14 year old guy

Dollhouse20 says:

[..YouTube..] Please take a second to look up the movie trailer for Sidewalk Singer, and if you like it, please post it and pass it along. The Dove Foundation has given the screenplay “Five Doves all the way!” and the producers are building a platform for the family movie. Just type “sidewalk singer” on youtube and it will be the first video to come up. You can also look up more info. about it at sidewalksingermovieDOTcom. Have a blessed day

stewman82 says:

[..YouTube..] like I said “he’s being used as a tool to relay a message.” God’s “message” is through His Word, not some washed up terrible actor who did nothing decent since Growing Pains, and who stutters and stammers in interviews when it comes to defending his faith, which indirectly gives Christians everywhere a bad wrap.

sch3ffs says:

[..YouTube..] Im glad you can point out the role of the main character in a movie. Bravo. But its not his message, its not even the writer or directors message. Its a message from God, God is teaching through this movie, not Kirk.