French Kiss

French Kiss poster Watch French Kiss film. A film “French Kiss” director by Lawrence Kasdan. A truly funny piece. It’s the one we get out of our collection when we just want to sit down and watch something familiar, funny and just nice. I absolutely love Kevin Kline, and he nailed it again in French Kiss. Can I help it if I like him as a French man? Meg Ryan was astoundingly funny. Frantic to get back her man, she boards a plane. Next to her sits a French thief, beautifully played by Kevin Kline, who has problems of his own, most notably how to smuggle a diamond necklace out of the country. Jean Reno is wonderful as the cop who helps Kline redeem his soul. Also, good work by Timothy Hutton and others. This is a fun film and I’m at a loss as to why the critics slammed Kevin Kline’s accent. And then of course Meg Ryan is always the perfect pick for these kinds of films. What can I say other than opposites really do attract in this fun-loving completely romantic movie. She ends up going after her fiancée and everything seems to go wrong. Anyways, I would recommend it for just a funny, light hearted, fun with the girls type of movie. Watch free full French Kiss film online.

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French Kiss Comments

[..YouTube..] “What you know him? oh of course all you basterds know eachother.” haha

[..YouTube..] “SCENCHED?|” haha I love how all she wants to do is see the Eiffel Tower and every time she turns her head and is going to see it, a bus passes by and covers it, or at night, just as she turns her head to look at it they shut the lights off. ahhaaha such a cute movie, very well written and funny & sexy without being sleazy.

danishgrl3 says:

[..YouTube..] i don’t like how you say with your eyes all squinty “all men are bastards” XD

moncsa80 says:

[..YouTube..] Yeahhh love that little red polski fiat at 4:32.. i used to have one too. :) go little car go!

MrGaya55 says:

[..YouTube..] @MrGaya55 does anyone know how the song is called -> :3.50: ?? ; )

MrGaya55 says:

[..YouTube..] does anyone know how the song is called -> :3:53: ?? :))

[..YouTube..] “Breathe in, breathe out, breath in-“”I’m breathing, I’m breathing!!” Doing that would make me dizzy…..@_@

donninzagreb says:

[..YouTube..] “bastard woman” wahahaha!!!

heinzgerald1 says:

[..YouTube..] toll

kkamink says:

[..YouTube..] Kevin Kline’s accent when speaking French is actually pretty good! I was pleasantly suprised! Almost fooled me that he could speak French fluently!

aneet84 says:

[..YouTube..] Oh Bob….Wie ‘Baaaaaaab’!!!! Kevin Kline is a funny guy! Scranhed, yet funny!

markstn41 says:

[..YouTube..] @markstn41 all men are bastards

markstn41 says:

[..YouTube..] lol

davidcmather says:

[..YouTube..] What a bastard! (the cheating husband I mean)

davidcmather says:

[..YouTube..] What a bastard! (the cheating husband I mean).

Broken995 says:

[..YouTube..] Of course u know him all u bastards know eachother ROFL we’re not bastards ;p