Full Metal Jacket

Watch Full Metal Jacket film. A film “Full Metal Jacket” director by Stanley Kubrick. Legendary Stanley Kubrick – probably the most ingenious film-maker of our time – directed only two movies in the 80’s. As a young recruit in the Army, we talked about it, and we talked about it further and it is one of those movies that you always find something new to say about. The beginning, the young men come to be trained as “killers”. Humor, horror and political commentary are the themes which shape Full Metal Jacket. From the overbearing drill sergeant to the war loving soldiers. It all seems to make sense within this film, never overstepping its bounds or being to subtle. Kubrick may have alienated some his hardcore fans with such a mainstream-type story, but then again, he helped mainstream movies take a bold step. Watch free full Full Metal Jacket flm online now..!!

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Full Metal Jacket Comments

jubyvera662 says:

[..YouTube..] one awsome movie.

RaReIrishman says:

[..YouTube..] Thank you! Someone with some sense! I’m tired of these brainwashed idiots who are told by MSNBC that the army is evil! I have Grandpa’s and a cousin who served in wars, the cousin in Iraq, and he says the people are happy to have Americans there, the media just portrays it badly.

smoknweed121 says:

[..YouTube..] @melgibsonsballs have you never seen how the americans have open fired at checkpoints killing kids? seriously man go to google search for a doco smoke a joint and watch it then maybe you would have a clue to whats going on here

[..YouTube..] That’s right, because, unlike the predominance of film (“film” being a word I use loosely in this case, being that most “films” these days are shot on shitty plastic digital cameras rather than celluloid) trailers these days, it doesn’t summarize the entire film’s story or give away all the good parts of it before you see it…that’s why it’s “not a good trailer” to you.

TheLazoor says:

[..YouTube..] What the fuck is wrong with some of you? War isn’t black or white. It all comes down to what you accomplished and how many lives of soldier, men, women and children it took to get there. It’s the cold truth.

jubyvera662 says:

[..YouTube..] one tight movie .

[..YouTube..] this is not a good trailer…