Ghost film Watch Ghost film. A film “Ghost” director by Jerry Zucker. Ghost is one of my favorite films. It is romantic and touching. When Sam (Patrick Swayze) got mugged, I got really scared. You’ll have to see the movie if you want to know why. Whoopi gives her oscar winning performance in force as a psychic who helps the ghostly swayze avenge his murder. I believe if he picked a couple more scripts like this one he would be on the same level as Tom Cruse. Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore played well, not to mention Whoopi Goldberg. He stays by Molly’s side(without her knowing that he’s there). He discovers that they were set up and the murderer wanted Sam’s wallet for a reason. This film is one of a few that is endlessly watchable meaning you can sit down any time and watch it through over and over and over again which is exactly what makes it a classic. What makes the whole calculated enterprise worth every bit of its hype is Whoopi Goldberg. If you like Patrick Swayze or Demi Moore, this is definitely a movie to see. You will really be touched by it. Watch free full Ghost film online.

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Ghost Comments

[..YouTube..] is this a joke?

kazuo62 says:

[..YouTube..] Wow. The voice over / dubbing actors really captured the emotion of the scene.

[..YouTube..] but like this show, you might meet some other stronger ghost.

Spitfire995 says:

[..YouTube..] i cant wait till i am a ghost ima annoy mad people that i hate ima go into their houses and throw shit around creep the hell out of them

SURFUR says:

[..YouTube..] by Dane YoussefThis was my favorite scene in the whole flick. I mean it’s a pretty routine movie. But it’s a little better than most of it’s ilk–a guilty pleasure.The “shadows from hell” don’t really work–at all. But the scenes where Swayze is interacting with other ghosts are it movie feels fresh. The Subway Ghost is the film’s most riveting sequence. Where the poltergeist teaches Swayze the tricks of the trade, Like Cain in “Kung Fu.” How to possess. by Dane Youssef

carlos91196 says:

[..YouTube..] wtf he shouldve went through everything …even the floor one thing he touches somethin the next hes is standing on the trainlater he goes through the train.. imean wtf!1

Se7enChic says:

[..YouTube..] i don’t know man, i didn’t write the script lol. You will never know until you get to the other side, then come contact me and tell how it works. :D

hebber1961 says:

[..YouTube..] i know what you’re saying but i don’t know. when he knows he’s dead, he should have to focus to sit in a chair.

hebber1961 says:

[..YouTube..] ya, it’s weak. thanks

[..YouTube..] They said that the reason he could sit in a chair or walk or lean against a wall is because he was used to that. I just didn’t think that made sense as he wasn’t able to touch anything physical (haunting the bad guys, etc) as a ghost without having to put in extra effort.

hebber1961 says:

[..YouTube..] how did they explain it on the dvd? i mean really, he shouldn’t be able to touch anything physical including his with his feet.

Se7enChic says:

[..YouTube..] so the answer to your question. apart of him thinking he is still alive doesn’t help him in the spirit world. Meaning it doesn’t help him to contact the real the world. He is in a spirit world which he is in our world but a different realm, but hasn’t crossed over. So he can’t touch anything unless he has enough energy to do it. So that is why he is learning how to do things as touch something in our world from his. Hope this makes sense to you:)

[..YouTube..] They also talked about that on the commentary on the DVD, but I still wasn’t convinced.

[..YouTube..] But you see, that’s what I never understood. If a part of him thinks he is still alive, meaning the ground can hold him up, he can upstairs, etc, wouldn’t a part of him think he could punch the bad guys or be heard and seen as he was when he was alive? I think I overanalzye movies too much :)

10Tuxedo says:

[..YouTube..] Is this anywhere WITHOUT the translation?

Se7enChic says:

[..YouTube..] He knows that he is dead but part of him still thinks he is alive which, him thinking that keeps him grounded.