Gods and Generals

Gods and Generals Watch Gods and Generals film. A film “Gods and Generals” director by Ronald F. Maxwell. Where to watch Gods and Generals films. Gods and Generals (despite the ravages of many critics) is a very good film. I especially enjoyed the scene where he presided over the execution of his close friend’s son who was caught trying to desert the army due to cowardice. This movie accurately shows the events leading up to the war. Yes slavery was a cause, but not THE cause. Most of these people like Lee and Jackson loved the Union Army and were not secessionists. I liked the fact that many from Gettysburg reprised their roles in this film, although there were some who couldn’t, which was a little disappointing. All in all, there have been few films that have touched me as much as this movie did. The dialogue is incredible and the battle scenes are very well choreographed. Critics hate it because it doesn’t kowtow to the conventional thought. But for open minded individuals who like history and well made movies this one can’t be beat. Watch free full Gods and Generals film online.

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Gods and Generals Comments

Elvuz says:

[..YouTube..] A truly great and unforgettable portrayal of Gen’l Jackson by Stephen Lang!

steve45859 says:

[..YouTube..] I think it got a bad reception for two reasons. 1. How it portrays the South and 2. and more importantly is the movie in general plays for Civil War Buffs, not the general audience. Gettysburg did poor as well in the box office but picked up with vhs and now dvd sales. Gods and Generals never picked up. Maybe for the 150th anniversary they will find a financer.

USBearForce says:

[..YouTube..] I hear this movie was bashed for being ‘pro-Confederate propaganda’. Apparently showing that both sides had legitimate motivations for fighting and Southerners weren’t just Klansmen out to keep blacks in slavery isn’t good cinema. In this age of political correctness, fair is the new one-sided whitewashing.

LeoNoil27 says:

[..YouTube..] It’s always interesting to remember that the southern soilders were very rarely slave owners. They fought to defend their homes.

[..YouTube..] it was like they were shoving it on our face is why its a bad movie.

[..YouTube..] what a steaming pile of sh4t this was. very disappointedit was over kill on sentimental quotes and stone wall Jacksonss religious devotions.. it almost seemed like it was being shoved in our faces; real turn off about the movieseemed they didn’t have much of a budget to do the idea behind the movie any justice..

kolinmartz says:

[..YouTube..] yes but what im saying is that sure its about slavery but its not the reason that you think

[..YouTube..] It’s true that Lincoln’s reasons for going to war were ostensibly to save the union, but the south seceded because they feared Abraham Lincoln and the northern republican’s anti-slavery views. Not all northerners opposed slavery because of moral reasons, some northerners feared the economic consequences of having to compete with a slave aristocracy in a free labor capitalist system. But it DOES all come back to slavery.

[..YouTube..] Are you aware of the southern secessionist commissioners and what arguments they made to persuade states to secede?

ktm8501 says:

[..YouTube..] if you knew anything you’d realize that the civil war wasnt all about slavery