Gridiron Gang

Watch Gridiron Gang film. A film “Gridiron Gang” director by Phil Joanou. It was great! The beginning was very violent, depressing, and scary- to the point where my friend and I considered leaving. Gridiron Gang is a movie that understands who its audience is, and it plays them like a fiddle. But you know what else? I don’t care. The audience absolutely loved it. Biggest crowd reaction of any movie I’ve seen so far year 2006. I loved Varsity Blues and The Program. The Replacements failed to meet expectations and Remember the Titans was just OK. and don’t even mention The Longest Yard remake. I am glad my boys wanted to watch this film. There was an excellent message. I would recommend this film to everyone. The end of the movie shows several scenes of a documentary where the real Sean Porter is saying the lines that Johnson was speaking in the movie. So take a chance on the movie and chances are you will enjoy the whole 2 hrs and some change that this movie is. Watch free full Gridiron Gang film online.

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