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Heat film Watch Heat film. A film “Heat” director by Michael Mann. Where to watch Heat film?. You can watch Heat film here. Devotees of classic cops and robbers flicks of old will no doubt take exception, but I believe that Michael Mann achieved some measure of perfection with Heat. I rate it as Mann’s best. It’s his most kinetic,vibrant (for a film mostly shot in steely blue), agonising,stirring,brash,violent and brilliance in such a simple story. Ever the master, his character, McCauley, can be on the one hand a ruthless robber and cold-hearted killer, on the other a warm friend and tender lover. What really stands out is the climax. On the whole, Heat has to be the best cops n’ robbers film ever made, indeed, one of the best films. This is the magic of this film and only two fantastic actors like Pacino and De Niro could represent it so totally. Excellent cinematography and perhaps the best gunfight (if not, one of the most intense) since Hard Boiled. Watch free full Heat film online.

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Heat film Comments

idrizyx7 says:

[..YouTube..] The BEst CRIME ACTION FILM of all times!! The best shoot-out scene in history! When the story meant something! ANd everything else.Pure Perfection!

Stevens89265 says:

[..YouTube..] “Told you I ain’t never going back”

Maxxaxis12 says:

[..YouTube..] Without doubt this film and song is why i love to watch movies. I LOVE HEAT! Thats all i got to say ;)

frankiekl87 says:

[..YouTube..] two sides of the coin; people are only as good as life allows them to be

[..YouTube..] “Who, who? What are ya, a fuckin’ owl?”

willam2010 says:

[..YouTube..] epic

adilaladil says:

[..YouTube..] best movie and best soundtrack

Colo118 says:

[..YouTube..] One of the very few movie that i could rewatch over and over again and feel like it was the first time. This movie is such a masterpiece

Minkusiss says:

[..YouTube..] and you got your head, all the way up it!!

Minkusiss says:

[..YouTube..] yep the Dodge Charger 68! yum!!! best muscle car ever

Lelio1 says:

[..YouTube..] If you loved this moment in the movie, the airport chase scene is a homage to an earlier kickass movie starring one of the original bad-asses, Steve McQueen, in “Bullitt”. If you’re of the younger generation or never seen this, do yourself a favor and see how stunts and movies were done once upon a time. Fantastic style, chase scenes, and a very similar styled chase through an airport grounds. Enough can’t be said about Michael Mann’s style, as Heat is a masterwork.

27Axis says:

[..YouTube..] ‘Told ya Im never goin back.’ ‘Yeah…’ I tear up every time.

badboymd50 says:

[..YouTube..] she got a great ass!!

[..YouTube..] this is actually a song from that bald guy that eminem hates. moby that’s itTHIS TRACK WAS MADE BY MOBY and is amazing. But i still beat up hipsters