House Of Flying Daggers

Watch House Of Flying Daggers film. A film “House Of Flying Daggers” director by Yimou Zhang. I have never, ever seen a film that the West has ever created that can top Chinese cinema in this form. the plot revolves around the mysterious House of Flying Daggers, a group of assassins leading a rebellion of sorts, against the rulers of their land. News has reached the local military captain Leo that the leader of the House can be found plying their trade in the local brothel. As you would expect from a Zhang Yimou film, the visuals are majestic, with primary colours and panoramic landscapes making up much of what we see. So many elements come together beautifully that what’s also ironic is the that film could easily be a stage play. I enjoyed this immensely. Just awe inspiring. Watch free full House Of Flying Daggers film online.

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House Of Flying Daggers Comments

JihadicHero says:

[..YouTube..] These 2 main guys were in the Movie Warlords with jet li.

[..YouTube..] one of best movies ever!

kanappka says:

[..YouTube..] It is in the original soundtrack. It’s called ‘The Peonyhouse’

HEALER8484 says:

[..YouTube..] Does anyone know where i can find the music from 0.16-0.50 ? It is not in the original soundtrack

On1y1Ch1na says:

[..YouTube..] haha… my sisters friend has a funny story. her grandpa who recently moved back to shenyang (he longjiang) got a new phone number. # : something 0404, or yao shi yao shi. (i want to die, i want to die) it cracked me up for hours

[..YouTube..] This movie is AMAZING!!!!

[..YouTube..] yep. ziyi zhang.

angelsmile01 says:

[..YouTube..] i just love any movie were Ziyi Zhang is specially ye yan (legend of the black scorpion)

truebluenat says:

[..YouTube..] is the actress the same one from memiors of a geisha?

georgeb101 says:

[..YouTube..] depends on certain videos. some videos are high quality but youtube won’t give you the option to view in high quality. you just have to type in the link and hopefully it will convert to high quality

Chichiri24 says:

[..YouTube..] Wow does it works on other videos to?

Parsifal1903 says: