Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull film

Watch Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull film. A film “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” director by Steven Spielberg. Harrison Ford still is Indiana Jones. The major surprise, however, is indeed Shia LaBeouf. For some strange reason, people actually thought this guy would be the Jar Jar Binks of the Indy series, and they couldn’t be more wrong. Remember the outstanding chemistry between Sean Connery and Ford in The Last Crusade? The chemistry between LaBeouf and Ford rivals that. The acting was also very good. I was very impressed by Cate Blanchett, and to my surprise very pleased with Shia LeBeouf’s character and acting. Watch free full Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008) film online now..!!

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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull film Comments

maglambing says:

[..YouTube..] This is really a childs super hero movie so it seemed by this clip. That warehouse part was just plain stupid, so I lost all interest in the rest of it.

Hercfan1978 says:

[..YouTube..] Sears and robuck…Crystal skull/Teen Wolf [now that must be a hareware store?!]

[..YouTube..] Mutt williams: “you’re a teacher?”Indiana Jones: “Part-time”I love that quote!

[..YouTube..] And first of all the series was not in hiatus, The Last Crusade was meant to be the ending. You can never ask for a better ending to an action/adventure series than your favorite hero riding into the sunset. The plot was alienating. I would have been ok if it was about searching for El Dorado or something but seriously aliens?? There is a fine line between supernatural and extra-terrestrial,

Rita1972 says:


[..YouTube..] INTERNET FIGHT!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] Ok dude, first of all, in what angle was the plot decent? I think mixing ET with Indiana Jones doesn’t work out. And where the hell was the acting and casting brilliant? You call Shia LaDouche a good actor? Ray Winstone acted well? Cate Blanchett acted well? Only Harrison Ford acted amazingly well and even he couldn’t save the movie. The series would have done great without this shit, it should have stayed a trilogy.

[..YouTube..] Seriously pal, you need to chill the heck out. Your opinion is nothing, because for what it was, after a 19 year long hiatus, this was a great comeback for Indiana Jones. The plot was decent, the casting well done, the acting amazing, and joevictor53 is right, having a normal conversation with you about this is next to impossible. Get your trolling head out of your “I’m right and your wrong” ass and shut the hell up. You just can’t accept the fact that so many others liked it, while you did not.

[..YouTube..] joevictor53 is correct.

joevictor53 says:

[..YouTube..] Forget it. There’s no point trying to have a normal conversation about it. It’s pretty obvious how stubborn you are about this. You’re still talking as if your opinion is fact. I’m an Indiana Jones fan who likes the films, the show, the comic books, most of the novels and most of the games but I still like this film. According to you, that’s impossible.

[..YouTube..] For an Indiana Jones movie it is a critical failure. Even an average movie watcher would hate it. I tried this on some of my friends, I made them watch Crystal Skull first and when they said they liked it I made them watch Raiders or Last Crusade, and then they would realise how much Crystal Skull sucks

joevictor53 says:

[..YouTube..] You’re the one who said it was a “critical failure”. And even the audience reaction isn’t negative. At worst it’s mixed.

[..YouTube..] Look at the audience reaction in RT and Metacritic.. I don’t give a crap about the critical reaction Metacritic gives to movies, they gave Last Crusade the same score, and we all know Last Crusade is worth an 85+.

joevictor53 says:

[..YouTube..] Whoa whoa wait. You can say you hate it but you can’t speak on behalf of all Indy fans or anyone who didn’t watch the originals. Just because you and a couple of friends hated it, doesn’t mean we all did. This film was a critical failure? It got 77 on RT and 65 on Metacritic. That’s not a failure. It’s not the greatest film ever but according to those scores, it’s still good.

[..YouTube..] I’m not worth responding to?? Is it a stupid excuse because you’re out of reasons and comebacks? How many people did like this shit stained movie?? First you said people keep complaining and now you’re saying that everyone likes it?? Sounds like you’ve contradicted yourself.. And yeah, there are three Indy films we fans can enjoy, you can sit along with that fatass George Lucas and enjoy this so-called Indiana Jones movie. FYI this movie was a critical failure.

[..YouTube..] you are not wroth responding to, you are just yet another troll hater who has nothing better to do with your life then keep ragging on a movie that was very successful and that people did like, so i am not going to respond to any of your assinine posts. if you didnt like the movie, too bad for you. you can go suck it, we all have another cool indy movie to enjoy while all you do is cry like a friggin baby or spilt milk. get over it and get a life asswipe!

[..YouTube..] And to add to my reasons for why this movie is so pathetic: Shia LaDouche, and Ray Winstone.. Is there any exotic location in here?? Tell me one, I’ll be flattered

[..YouTube..] I already have good reasons to back up my hate.. They’re the same pathetic reasons you used to defend this godawful movie.. How in the world did you find Cate Blanchett interesting in this?? Hell I don’t even know what her character’s name was, and from an actress of her calibre I actually thought her performance was very disappointing.. She was nowhere close to Belloq, Toht, or Mola Ram, or Danovan..

[..YouTube..] Dude, not only did the diehard Indy fans hate this film, even the ones who haven’t watched the originals hated it.. Many of my friends who haven’t watched the originals said it sucked, I had to convince them to watch the originals and only then they realised how great the series is.. Hell they even liked Temple of Doom..