Watch Insanitarium film. A film “Insanitarium” director by Jeff Buhler. IInsanitarium out timidly as the main character Jack performs a desperate act to help his sister, he pretends to be insane so that he can break into a mental facility and rescue his suicidal sister. Jack hatches a zany plan to get himself committed so that he can enter the asylum and rescue his sister. This is a fairly standard b movie plot and how can you blame them for trying to ride the success of Prison Break. There is an abundance of blood and guts which is pulled off realistically enough to contribute to the overall atmosphere and suspense. Suffice to say, this movie is definitely not for the faint of heart. There are plot holes but they do not take away too much from the movie because of the intense action, realistic props, and relatively decent acting. Watch free full Insanitarium film online.

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Insanitarium Comments

CreepSpark says:

[..YouTube..] Olivia Munn?? <3I’m seeing dis movie

tizza1234567 says:

[..YouTube..] is it like a zombi movie or sumfinp.slooks mad!!

[..YouTube..] I’m not crazy.

justianfox64 says:

[..YouTube..] the bloodiest fuckin movie ever

SimonTUTS says:

[..YouTube..] Yes, its her.and ouch,thatslike her first movie and it failed

[..YouTube..] yeah,it was so fuckin stupid aswell!!

junebiswas says:

[..YouTube..] This movie was tooo fuckin funny. couldnt stop laughin… everyone must watch it for a good laugh

OMGmusictv says:

[..YouTube..] this looks awful.

caboose1320 says:

[..YouTube..] Lmfao, not much of a “horror” movie. Oh, and is that fucking Olivia Munn at :29?!?! If it is, this movie is worth seeing ;D

SPYBLOCK120 says:

[..YouTube..] so like its about canibal mother fukers right?