Journey to the Center of the Earth

Watch Journey to the Center of the Earth movie. A film “Journey to the Center of the Earth” director by T.J. Scott. Ricky Schroder does an admirable job with a script that needed some more development. I was very surprised with this. The story is different to what I was expecting, a twist on the classic film. The acting generally is quite good, however the script could have been better. The special effects are also good, nowhere near as bad as I feared. There is No Doubt in my mind that I would have turned it off after the 1st 10 minutes except for the fact that I was editing out the commercials for a friend of mine so that she could watch it when she got home. Although there is no suspense, thrill or anything like that, the movie has a pleasant tone to it that almost makes it an “OK” way to pass 2 hours. However, unless you’re looking for something to watch while you fall asleep. Watch free full Journey to the Center of the Earth movie online.

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Journey to the Center of the Earth Comments

afraizepic says:

[..YouTube..] PEETA :D

Noxy92K says:

[..YouTube..] Does somebody know what’s the name of the song that starts at the minute 1:28?

Noxy92K says:

[..YouTube..] What does Trevor say at the minute 0:22 and at the minute 1:24?

Erestoriel says:

[..YouTube..] Somebody is too realistic and doesn’t know what science fiction isI loved the book and I know I’m gonna love the movie (bought it today) since the trailer almost got me killed every time I saw it


[..YouTube..] July 11???its my birthday

jrag1000 says:

[..YouTube..] HAHA! R U SERIOUS? It’s PG! I saw 2 minutes of it. I nearly shat… Hmm what would I rather watch instead of this… Maybe Super Mario Bros. Or Street Fighter…

chayrova says:

[..YouTube..] speak for yourself

jrag1000 says:

[..YouTube..] yeah one of Brendan Fraisers worst movies. He should go back to the Mummy thing… I did not see it, but the whole concept totally sucks, I wouldn’t pay a dime to see this movie. A waste of 2 hours of your life.

asma091895 says:

[..YouTube..] i want 2 see it

kjhovey says:

[..YouTube..] You, sir, fail at life.

Brenf86 says:

[..YouTube..] lol terrible

fansy77 says:

[..YouTube..] I can answer ur question luigi ITS A FUCKING MOVIE NOT REALY DIPSHIT.!

elurai says:

[..YouTube..] jeez its just fictional dont take it seriously

[..YouTube..] Thanks

Valok says:

[..YouTube..] rather interesting why youre so sure … have you been there already?

sonecutie says:

[..YouTube..] …have this celltone took forever to find….if u needed it its @ EveryPhoneTone . ComThis song is pretty much legendary IMO