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Julie & Julia online Watch Julie & Julia film. A film “Julie & Julia” director by Nora Ephron. Full Julie & Julia movie watch online. The Julie portion is the weaker of the two, but not so weak that it sinks the film. Myself, friends, and the rest of audience had a number of laugh-out-loud moments. A lot of these stem from the mannerisms of Julia Child, which are as incredibly endearing as they are humorous. She is amazing and you will smile every time you see Julia on screen. The only thing that might upstage Meryl is the food being cooked. The movie dragged a bit, with a running time of just over 2 hours – I thought some scenes could have been trimmed down a bit. We want to stay with Meryl’s Julia all the way. I think that Norah Ephron (Mixed Nuts) must have known, she must have! Didn’t she notice in the cutting room, that we were going to be turning away from the story every time we move away from Julia Child?. Her impersonation is dead on, even better than Dan Ackroyd’s, which is featured prominently and hilariously in the film. The film gets your gastric juices going and vindicates the power of butter in a way we hadn’t seen since Last Tango In Paris. Stanley Tucci is also a delight and a perfect foil for her much taller wife. Bravo Meryl. once more, thank you, you’re my hero. Watch free full Julie & Julia film online.

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