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Maid in Sweden movie watch Watch Maid in Sweden film. A film “Maid in Sweden” director by Dan Wolman. Full Maid in Sweden movie watch online. Sweden production has Christina Lindberg in her first major acting role. She plays Inga, a 16 year old cherry who lives on a farm in the middle of no where. As far as seeing nude females and some sex action, it’s disgusting that much of it results from rape, and the plot has almost no sensitivity to the character’s feelings or trauma. Casten’s equally loutish friend Bjorn (homely beanpole Leif Naeslund) forces himself on Inga on their first date, but she falls for the creep anyway! When Inga decides to take a bath one fateful day, Casten naturally can’t help but join the luscious lass for some splashy carnal fun. These are no doubt pretty common Swedish names, but it’s certainly possible that this was meant to ride the coattails of “Inga”, and that Christina Lindberg might have been cast in this. The coming of age story really doesn’t work too well because at the heart this is still a sexploitation movie. Watch free full Maid in Sweden movie online.

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