“Meet Dave”

Watch Meet Dave film. A film “Meet Dave” director by Brian Robbins. The funniest thing about Meet Dave is that one of the credited screenwriters is Bill Corbett. Amongst all those harsh and poker faced action movies, somethings gotta give. Cue Eddie Murphy’s endless range of facial expressions and a nice refreshing. However mildly entertaining this film is, you got to start wondering if the studios have just ran out of ideas, as this film is the latest in a trend of modern, predictable movies. The audience I saw it with thoroughly enjoyed the movie and there was plenty of laughter throughout the movie. Although I did not see last years Norbit, but I hope for Eddie Murphy fans, this movie will erase all bad memories of Norbit. Watch free full Meet Dave film online.


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“Meet Dave” Comments

ds37 says:

[..YouTube..] Critics destroyed the movie, but they’re actually showing on swiss national tv and I had several good moments of laughter.

adambayou says:

[..YouTube..] is it a good movie

012555643 says:


[..YouTube..] Man, that smack on 0:50 was one for the books!!!

TishyTasha12 says:

[..YouTube..] Ed Helms:D

[..YouTube..] Welcome to Old Navy!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

jpmasento says:

[..YouTube..] i have dvd

[..YouTube..] Eddie Murphy inside Eddie Murphy? EDDIECEPTION!

Wacked420 says:

[..YouTube..] Yes. This is my size. WELCOME TO OLD NAVY!!!

metsuri69 says:

[..YouTube..] this movie was a lot better than what it’s rated. I recommend, had a few laughs and Eddie’s doing good job again!

[..YouTube..] YEA BOY YEA

[..YouTube..] You can’t be serious..

pleezahful says:

[..YouTube..] Yupp same thing i thought aswel…

[..YouTube..] The previews make the movie look stupid but the movie is quite good and has it lol moments.

[..YouTube..] jonny dazzles

bobgrantsbus says:

[..YouTube..] Cheers!

fls13ec says:

[..YouTube..] Yeah, I liked Paul. Not quite as funny I would say but with more of an edge, less family friendly, doesn’t have Eddie Murphy. Eddie is very good in this and Paul is CGI but has some great lines.

bobgrantsbus says:

[..YouTube..] Havent seen Paul yet any good?

[..YouTube..] OOOH eddie..i still love you man…dont do movies like this..but i still love you…

fls13ec says:

[..YouTube..] This movie was pretty solid family entertainment. Worth a watch, pretty good laughs, more than Paul.