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Nacho Libre online Watch Nacho Libre film. A film “Nacho Libre” director by Jared Hess. Movie Nacho Libre watch online. I received a wonderful 1 hour and 40 minute respite from the real world, filled with slapstick humor and total silliness. Jared Hess shoots his movies like a funny David Fincher. His obsession with grime and dirt and everything looking old and decrepit, is almost fetishistic. But he has grown a lot since we last saw his work. Some critics are saying the plot is too predictable. C’mon. This is often an issue with critics trying to take storytelling in comedies too seriously. Director Jared Hess, doesn’t stray to far from his Napoleon Dynamite roots. But that’s okay. It works here and he hits the right comic tones. I can’t wait for the DVD because I’m convinced that the film really needs to be viewed a second time. I watch movies to be entertained. If I wanted “deep thought” I’d go to a library. This is Jack Black being Jack Black. The dialog is crude, humor slapstick, and storyline so, so. But it’s funny. All of the characters in the movie were from a different culture and socioeconomic class than the bulk of its viewers and especially the critics. In, a very, very pleasant surprise: much better than I ever hoped it would be and recommended for those wanting a bunch of belly laughs for an hour and a half. Watch free full Nacho Libre film online.

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