Open Graves

Open Graves online Watch Open Graves film. A film “Open Graves” director by Alvaro de Arminan . Online watch Open Graves movie here. we’ll all die one by one. If only there were a way to break the curse. I can be forgiven for flopping into my armchair and wanting to watch some movie I’d never seen, rather than read Proust in the original or learn how to play the oud. I never go into SyFy Originals expecting much, and therefore I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, it was exactly what I thought it would be: blah. Some icky visuals. Not many scares. As with too many films in modern horror films, no reasons are given apart from shared humanity–to care about any of these people. I groomed my (six) cats while watching this one, and I was looking forward to the movie ending much more than I was looking forward to the end of claw-clipping, fur flying, and hissing. A great way to pass the time if you have a mundane task to do that requires you to be stationary and there’s nothing else on TV you want to watch. If you didn’t see it coming, then I think YOU fell asleep. Somewhere back around the dawn of the genre. Watch free full Open Graves film online.

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Open Graves Comments

Andrew says:

GREAT MOVIE!!! loved the ending and Eliza Dushku