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Open Your Eyes Movie Watch Watch Open Your Eyes Movie. A movie “Open Your Eyes” director by Alejandro Amenábar. Online watch Open Your Eyes 1997 movie. The scene when Cesar goes to the park and just watches Sofia, in the midst of her mime performance. Abre los ojos story of both films are very similar. Second, Penelope Cruz did extremely well as the lead actress in both. Thirdly, the leading men are both very contemptuous characters and the immediate supporting men are both always out of luck. Yet the movie builds strongly on its initial scenes into a complicated reality-unreality scenario where the audience can be transported into this confusing yet compelling universe of events that seem to defy each other, where one cannot know what his real or unreal. The final act of the film is a constant struggle between these two theories that the viewer is only made aware of when they both teeter on the edge of victory. The ending is very unpredictable.I totally liked it.But I’m not a fan of this film.I only liked it and I think that this is very good and very fun. Watch free full Open Your Eyes film online.

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