Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity online Watch Paranormal Activity film. A film “Paranormal Activity” director by Oren Peli. Full Paranormal Activity movie watch online.I would imagine being in a crowded cinema would take away from the intimacy of the scares. I watched this alone on my couch in the comforts of my own home cinema. There is a pleasant (oxymoron) surprise with the direction the film went regarding the source of the phenomena. It’s not your typical ghost or haunted house story. The other key is the agonizing, yet wonderful uses of suspense and the imagination. The director does not assume his audience is a dull, thoughtless bunch, dependent on gore, sex, and explosions to be thrilled. I think that a crime has been committed here. And I only hope and pray that no one else has to be victimized by this horrendous film. Cheaply made movie that looks and feels cheaply made with a corny, stereotypical storyline that’s been done multiple times. The movie left me with nothing when it was done. I applaud Paranormal Activity, for not only becoming an unheard of success, but for being one of the creepiest films I’ve ever seen. Watch free full Paranormal Activity online.

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