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Piranha 2010 Movie Watch Piranha 2010 film. A film “Piranha 3D” director by Alexandre Aja. Online streaming Piranha 3D. I also had a good time watching the film, I was really happy how the Piranhas looked. I expected skillful direction from Aja, and he delivered. He uses his skill at building tension that he put to frightening good use in Haute Tension in a different way here. How could this possibly fail? The problems with “Piranha 3D” (subsequently making it an even more frustrating picture) are so numerous that a college film course could be devoted solely to picking apart its flaws. But looking at the movie and its style, I doubt Aja was going for perfection here. It fails to shock or involve you. The next 45 minutes are cuts between Elisabeth Shue as the Sheriff investigating Dreyfuss disappearance and a big budget Girls Gone Laka Havasu. Sure it’s all pretty mindless, maybe too much so, but who doesn’t enjoy a good 90 minutes of pure bloody goofy fun now and again?. Watch free full Piranha 2010 film online.

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