Prison Break: The Final Break

Prison Break: The Final Break poster Watch Prison Break: The Final Break film. A film “Prison Break: The Final Break” director by Kevin Hooks. IS this tv series part or ..?.Those who saw the show’s series finale knows that Michael Scofield dies. Prison Break: The Final Break shows us the events that lead up to and including Michael’s death. The series were great i couldn’t wait every Thursday to watch them for 4 long years i have been anticipating the end..and now when it finally came down. I think they should have skipped the flashforward at the end of season 4 and added it instead at the end of “The Final Break”. The last scene brought tears in my eyes. Good writing and a great ending for Prison Break. I loved every second of this movie and I think a lot of fans will be pleased that this very much has an old school Prison Break feel to it even though unlike season 1, where Michael was trying to break himself and his brother out, this time he’s on the outside trying to break his beloved and pregnant Sara out. I thought the previous ending with Michael just being dead with no explanation was bad. but this ending just ruined the whole series for me. Watch free full Prison Break: The Final Break online.

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Prison Break: The Final Break Comments

Tim says:

Micheal died because he had an tumor, so why dont die a little less earlier to help escape sara and his child out?

andy says:

I think its terrible that Michael died. Whats wrong with a happily ever after ending when they escape to Panama and continue with their well deserved perfect lives? Why did he have to die? And the bit where Sarah asks Michael to come with her and he touches her belly and says “part of me is with you” is heart breaking. I dont normally cry in movies but i really wanted to here (and i could have because I am at home alone!!!)

raj says:

good job mate cheers……..