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P.S. I Love You movie watch Free P.S. I Love You film 2007. A film by Richard LaGravenese. Having read the Book which this movie is based on, i was very excited to see it come alive in the big screen. However, just before entering the cinema i became aware that it had been Americanised! The book is funny & sad & romantic. The movie was long & boring and lost all the charm of the book. All the funny characters had been left out of the movie and the funny parts of the book they kept were watered down. The movie rambles on and the true love between Holly & Gerry is never expressed on screen. If anyone wants to enjoy this story, READ THE BOOK. The film was a huge disappointment. Why are movie makers so obsessed with setting films in the states when the story doesn’t call for it! watch online P.S. I Love You film now ..!!

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P.S. I Love You film Comments

nonna9art says:

[..YouTube..] See the world as it is, but tell them to be a bit more caring, even if they are as busy as you are.

lol3005100 says:

[..YouTube..] love the movie <3 <3 :'(

1N04H1 says:

[..YouTube..] Wish i was organised enough to be able to do this for my future girl if i past away :/

nonstop0303 says:

[..YouTube..] Michelle Branch’s Breathe

HappyWeirdo3 says:

[..YouTube..] this sucks… the Phantom finally gets the girl, theyre living together, all happy like… and he dies… still, at least hes written her notes, but Raoul’s still pinning after her, (see 1:34 for proof).

llamaqueen98 says:

[..YouTube..] they make the trailer look so happy this is like the saddess movie ever

xxfaith09xx says:

[..YouTube..] What the song called someone?

DariusXbest says:

[..YouTube..] “are you single?””yes””are you gay?””yes”LOOL hahaha