Sex and the City 2008 film

Sex and the City 2008 Watch Sex and the City film. A film “Sex and the City 2008″ director by Michael Patrick King. If you’re familiar with the term “fan service”, this film pretty much embodies it. With the exception of Charlotte most of the characters came across as uncommunicative, pathetic, losers bitter old maids who just looked desperate with too much make-up. Is it predictable? Yes. Is it just a longer episode of the TV show? Yes. Is it funny? Depends. If you like the show, you’ll laugh; if you don’t, you won’t. Simple as that. Well you may want to watch the cut version! The movie deserves a solid 4.5, and is definitely worth the time and money! Oh and speaking about time, try not to over hydrate urselves cuz the movie. Watch free full Sex and the City (2008) film online.

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Sex and the City 2008 film Comments

TinaB1990 says:

[..YouTube..] That shower scene…mmmmmm that’s all I can say about that lol.Does anyone know where I can find it on youtube? ;)

lum2ina says:

[..YouTube..] yeah but their mom and sjp are the real hooker. she was that man high profile drag sex slave for 10 years but she claims woman calls it “relationship” they totally made woman look liked gold digging whores and making living in new york seems fun…sarah jessica parker is the icon for tacky and ugly

barium62 says:

[..YouTube..] So… it’s about three hookers and their mom?

MrsIviKiwi says:

[..YouTube..] I Love this Move but i Love Sarah Jessica Parker soooooo much!!!!!’!!!!!!She i As Nixe As the movie….NO She is netter than the Move.She is netter Tan ALL! Love her ——333333

susanitawest says:

[..YouTube..] what`s the song at the begining? thanks

allahjew says:

[..YouTube..] Sarah Parker is ugly jew! fucking kike..

[..YouTube..] I have it….I’m a guy..29…loved it….I’m straight too…..btw

[..YouTube..] @gnawy113 I have it….I’m a guy..29…loved it….I’m straight too…..btw

gnawy113 says:

[..YouTube..] that’s definitly NOT a movie for Guys !!

emayecr says:

[..YouTube..] Hahahah this is one if my fav movies :’)

[..YouTube..] love this song!