Soul Men

Soul Men Film Watch Soul Men film. A film “Soul Men” director by Malcolm D. Lee. I must say it’s a highly enjoyable comedy that’s a true testament to the comedic skills of both Samuel L. Jackson and the late great Bernie Mac. This would have been awful in the hands of anybody other than Bernie Mac and Samuel Jackson. Mac’s expressions and his earnestness in selling a gag are irrepressible and Jackson knows when to be a straight man and when to deliver something special. What a wining movie for the audience. We are hoping that this movie breaks box office record for the cast of this movie since it was so entertaining. If the director didn’t aim at such gratuitous gags, and F-Bombs every 5 seconds it might have been a comedy with a heart. There is one scene where the duo dance to the car radio and sing a song called “I’m Your Puppet.” It was very nice that they dedicated the movie to Bernie Mac and Issac Hayes who died one day apart from each other. They will both be missed. Watch free full Soul Men film online.

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Soul Men Comments

[..YouTube..] Floyd Henderson? thats the dad from smart guy.

avery336 says:

[..YouTube..] Bernie we miss u brotha

dr00fd says:

[..YouTube..] yo bernie was a real king , but no one stays they all die , shit

BoOgieBoOgzZ says:

[..YouTube..] what does 2pac have to do with this?, while you at it Jam master jay, Biggie, Big L, Big Pun, George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Owen Hart, Eddie Guerrero, Jesus, nick cannon’s career and everyone else who has passed away god bless their souls, may they all rest in peace…

[..YouTube..] filmed in shreveport, louisiana

smoothbee34 says:

[..YouTube..] yes they will all be miss gerald levet,bernie mac as well as issac hayes lets not for get the hip hop king 2 pac

smoothbee34 says:

[..YouTube..] you thought wrong fool

disyagirl says:


[..YouTube..] lol that was what i thought i got scared as hell lol

tarik237 says:

[..YouTube..] wait if bm is died how is he dis movie was it made last year?

msfullroller says:

[..YouTube..] RIP Bernie Mac & Issac Hayes.

rappa14 says:

[..YouTube..] r.i.p to Bernie Mac

[..YouTube..] Oh thank you for this. Bernie was a king. Peace

xkaliber72 says:

[..YouTube..] YOU BEEN TAKIN DEM PILLS AGAIN?? i thought it was my cholesterol medicine,i swear i did. LMBAO

DilemmaSTS says:

[..YouTube..] goin to see it

Hollins23 says:

[..YouTube..] Love you, Bernie! You are the best, babay! Rest in peace. Fly home, sweet angel! :-)

Jujubee58 says:

[..YouTube..] Bernie and Isaac will be missed

oswegoman22 says:

[..YouTube..] rip bernie mac and issac hayes