Steel Trap

Watch free Steel Trap film. A film “Steel Trap” director by Luis Cámara. I can watch almost all kinds of movies without any greater problems, but one of my pet peeves have always been poorly made horror movies. Some directors seem to think that this is the easiest genre out there, and that anyone can make a horror movie, but nothing could be further from the truth. t looks like someone wanted to take advantage of the success of slasher/thriller movies like SAW and Battle Royale but just couldn’t think of an original idea, so mixed thriller classics, and added some blood. I suppose this movie is better than staring at the wall or re-arranging your sock drawer, but if you’ve got anything, and I do mean ANYTHING, better to do, I suggest you do that instead of watching Steel Trap. It’s all so predictable it’s not even amusing anymore. Watch free full Steel Trap film online.

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