The Bishop’s Wife

The Bishop's Wife 1947 Watch The Bishop’s Wife film. A film “The Bishop’s Wife” director by Henry Koster. Full The Bishop’s Wife movie stream here. His answer comes in the shape of an angel named Dudley (Cary Grant). Everyone loves the bishop’s new assistant, Dudley that is. This film, directed by Henry Koster, is a classic. In fact, I am surprised it doesn’t play more during Christmas, or maybe I have missed seeing it around that time of the year that is the setting for the angel’s appearance. David Niven gives just the right amount of disbelief and cynicism as the Bishop that may have lost his faith. Dudley proceeds to weave a benign spell over a whole cast of wonderful characters to remind them of the true meaning of Christmas. This charming Christmas fantasy truly warms the hart and kindles the soul. Cary Grant has no such problem, however. From the moment he strolls onscreen as Dudley the guardian angel every girl wished she could have he has everyone’s attention. Loretta Young is radiant as the woman who causes Cary’s halo to slip and David Niven is as charming as he always is. I also liked Monty Woolley as the professor and James Gleason as the cabdriver.He is excellent as Sylvester, the taxi driver who befriends Julia and Dudley. Their ice skating sequence is one of the best things of the film. Watch free full The Bishop’s Wife film online.

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