The Color Purple

The Color Purple poster Watch The Color Purple film. A film “The Color Purple” director by Steven Spielberg. Full The Color Purple movie watch online. The fact is, Steven Spielberg, probably our greatest story-teller, has been doing this in various movie formats for years. It is the moving tale of a young black girl born into a male-dominated world, and tells the story of her gradual loss of identity followed by her defiance in reclaiming the life she lost. It is quite an entrance. No special effects, no swashbuckling, just brilliant story-telling based on a literary classic by Alice Walker. I saw this film at a premiere they had in 1985,and to this day it moves me in such a way that I had never felt,and it is moved me to tears every time I see this masterpiece,20 years later. Rae Dawn Chong never looked prettier and Margaret Avery played a real charmer. Danny Glover was effectively nasty. You wanted to punch his lights out. The photography, the music, the director and the music makes this beautiful, soulful movie into an experience of life. You don’t want to miss it. Watch free full The Color Purple film online.

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