The Downfall – watch Hitler And The End Of The Third Reich film

watch The Downfall: Hitler And The End Of The Third Reich film. A film “The Downfall Hitler And The End Of The Third Reich” director by Oliver Hirschbiegel. This film definitely is a must-see because of the incomparable degree of realism displayed in it. The cast are really great. These are mostly German stars, some not very famous, but they perform wonderfully. Bruno Ganz portrays Hitler really well. From fury and devil’s cruelty to politeness and calmness. The movie balances well between large-scale effects of bombs exploding in ruined streets and depictions of different persons going though the experience – from Hitler and his staff in the well-protected bunkers to the principal military commanders torn between reason and loyalty and German civilians trapped in an inferno. In a way, a human Hitler to me is more guilty than a raving monster. He had the choice and he chose to do wrong. He could choose life and he chose murder and destruction. Two and a half hours may sound long, but once you’re in that theater seat, you don’t wanna miss a single minute of this movie. Watch free full The Downfall film online now.

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Luko says:

I disagree with trueman backley, Stalingrad was blockaded for about 3 years, 3 years of fear, cold i know u are from Canada so i guess u should know what cold winter feels like. People were starving, the only way to supply food was through the lake by walking on ice, per day everyone got about 200 grams of black bread everyone, children, women everyone, Hitler planned to starve those people to death, but he didn’t, that’s why Red Army came To Berlin And made him pay for that. Soviet troops treated them way better than Nazis treated us, I guess you know that Hitler thought that Slavs were sub humans, do you know how many people we lost?, nobody lost more people in one war EVER. Over 20 million, holocaust killed 6 million, so excuse me but you have no right to talk like that about the Red Army

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