The Gods Must Be Crazy

The Gods Must Be Crazy poster Watch The Gods Must Be Crazy film. A film “The Gods Must Be Crazy” director by Jamie Uys. I’ve probably seen this film five or six times over the years. The movie opens with a look on the Bushmen and a narrator (Paddy O’Byrne) tells us what kind of people they are; friendly and without any knowledge about the world not that far from their Kalahari desert. A coke bottle has destroyed his villages life as it has been proven to be an excellent tool, but everyone wants it. So the young Bushman is told by the village elders to throw the ‘evil thing’ off the ends of the earth. The message of the film is brilliantly presented, subtly challenging the belief that white civilization has all the answers, gently poking fun at many of our western assumptions. The material in Botswana, especially as the threads merge, suggests a kind of solution, a kind of balance, although it’s significant that the solution is far from perfect, and to an extent, parties go their separate ways again. Steyn must pick up Kate and bring her to the village and this is where the slapstick begins. Steyn is a man who gets very nervous when is around women and with Kate he must be the most clumsy guy there is. Lots of laughs, kids loved it. I saw it in the theaters in the mid-80’s and am glad I saw it again. You’ll like it. Watch free full The Gods Must Be Crazy film online.

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The Gods Must Be Crazy Comments

Magnolia296 says:

[..YouTube..] 2nd movie was much funnier but I love this one too. Nice acting

[..YouTube..] the gods must be crazy! the first one!

Jac2Mac says:

[..YouTube..] Which movie was this trailer attached to?

Djinga says:

[..YouTube..] This film brings me such good memories, I remember my parents taking me to the cinema to watch it. Great times !