The Great Dictator

The Great Dictator Movie Online Watch The Great Dictator film. A film “The Great Dictator” director by Charles Chaplin. Full The Great Dictator movie stream here. Chaplin is as usual and shows his talent in most moments. For example, the country names Tomainia and Bacteria, the dictator names Hynkel and Napaloni are so original. The movie has some great comedy parts and some great drama parts that will make you cry. Chaplin isn’t being frivolous but is telling the truth. Chaplin does a terrific job satirizing Hitler and trying to portray the oppression of the Jews in Nazi Germany Not a Chaplin masterpiece, but still worth seeing. The delightful scene in which Hynkel plays footie with an inflated globe, bouncing it twice on his buttocks, before finding it burst in his grasp, is a great metaphor for Hitler’s megalomania; and the touching Paulette Goddard. I would also recommend it for classroom use for students studying the WWII period. Throughout this movie, I sensed there was some higher form of intelligence, beyond genuinely intelligent film making, at work. Watch free full The Great Dictator film online.

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