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The Hole Movie Watch The Hole film. A film “The Hole” director by Nick Hamm. Online streaming The Hole movie watch. If you’re someone who only likes straightforward plots, traditionally happy endings and films depicting “facts” that are close to what you believe to be true about the actual world, you’re best advised to avoid The Hole. There are only three small flaws with this film. The first is that it doesn’t exactly live up to the hype in the British press. I did not find this scary at all, but it was an extremely well done mystery. The cast are good despite being young. The weaknesses come in with the adult cast – especially the cops who have clearly watched too much Sweeney. Special mention to Thora Birch who adeptly highlights the subtle transformation of her character throughout the story. It also shows that modern thriller/horror genre films doesn’t always have to rely on lashings of special effects and super naturalism to tell a story effectively. The end is a shocker, and Birch acts up a storm. Made about five years ago, this is some nasty stuff. Watch free full The Hole movie free.

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