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Free The Kite Runner 2007 film watch online now. A film by Marc Forster. The Kite Runner should win an Oscar! It’s perfect in every sense, the story, the script, the acting, the cinematography… One would never guess it was filmed in China. The story of two childhood friends and what follows in their adult lives will leave a lasting impression. The depiction of life in Afghanistan under the Taliban is all too real and horrifying. I have not read the book, but I have seen comments that put down the movie because “the book is always better”… It doesn’t really matter. No one put down “Gone With The Wind” because it wasn’t true to the book! As a matter of fact, it won the Academy Award for best picture and several other Oscars. I think this movie is brilliant – BRAVO to the writer and director, and the actors. Watch Free The Kite Runner ….
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The Kite Runner – Free watch Comments

[..YouTube..] what is the first song?

[..YouTube..] What’s the song from 0:55 to 1:31?

[..YouTube..] i’m embarrassed for you… you apparently don’t know what that word means.

Thatsgold777 says:

[..YouTube..] anyone know the know of the song being played at 1hr 43min when the boy walks in the room dancing please?

MrClinical14 says:

[..YouTube..] This is a load of bullshit

tomokeia says:

[..YouTube..] LOL at Assef. Although there was nothing funny about that scene in the book..It made me cry. It’s one of the most beautiful books I’ve ever read.This video’s pretty cute. :P

Sektion9 says:

[..YouTube..] The description of unfunny idiots…

LadyGgg21 says:

[..YouTube..] idiots! all i can say!