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The Marine watch Watch The Marine film. A film “The Marine” director by John Bonito. I am a huge John Cena fan, so I’m not writing this just to pick on him. But “The Marine” is the worst film I’ve ever seen, and I’ve made a habit of seeing bad films. First off, the movie has a weak plot. Not exactly original. Kidnapped wife, not the best. We got a few talented people here. Kelly Carlson and Robert Patrick. The acting was horrible. The plot, what plot? The “marine” was indestructible. The bad guys fought among themselves and acted like a bunch of morons. It has some of the greatest explosions I’ve ever seen in a movie, seriously, kudos to the SFX team. The Marine was made in order to change male fans opinions by making an action film that generally appeals to them.However judging by the overall IMDb rating WWE failed to do so. This movie is a draw back to the old 80’s action flicks like the A-team, Rambo, Camando and Delta Force. I look forward to more movies like this one. John Cena can not act outside of the squared circle. In my humble opinion, he is not even a great wrestler, so I expected his wooden acting skills. Watch The Marine film online.

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Dent says:

This movie waged a war against logic but it kicked ass! It made fun of itself as everything exploded. The acting was weak but what were we expecting? This is a fun film.