The Myth

Watch The Myth film. A film “The Myth” director by Stanley Tong. This is a much better movie than previous jc movies made in Hollywood! There is more of a story and more drama. The scenery is excellent. It really brings out the beauty China and India has to offer. Just try and admire this movie and you will notice how they merge everything together. The language used in this movie is of course Cantonese as it is a movie from Hong Kong. it’s a pity Jackie wasn’t brave enough to do a straight, serious historical action/drama, because under The Myth’s familiarity there’s a different Jackie Chan film trying to get out. Watch free full San wa (2005) film online.

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The Myth Comments

rich says:

want to watch the film it looks good but player doesnt work :/

Rohit says:

This is A very very very very Excellent film for me