The Piano

Watch The Piano film. A film “The Piano” director by Jane Campion. Jane Campion is one of these precious few, a director who carefully paces and sculpts her works so that they magnificently flow like a musical interlude. The movie’s heroine, wonderfully portrayed by Holly Hunter, is mute (symbolic of the fact that she has no say in her own life), with her daughter (the astonishing Anna Paquin) and her piano as her personal obsessions. This movie stays with the viewer long after it is over. At times I actually felt the dampness of the scenery. Most of all it explores the regions of the heart- through the innovative music and the body language of Hunter. While Anna Paquin is impressive as Ada’s wise daughter, always watching and always aware. Campion managed to make the story touching, involving, and sexy. This is one of my all-time favorite films. Watch free full The Piano 1993 film online now..!!

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Part 2

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The Piano Comments

furious says:

i can not understand how the previous 2 people were so calm. i am absolutley LIVID, that they have left this up, when only half of it works. it shouldn’t be allowed. i feel TOTALLY cheated, and very dissappointed. and that was without all the swearing.

the piano says:

i want to watch part 2 of the piano

Christine Piesyk says:

couldn’t get part two to play. Great film; wishing I could have accessed the whole thing.