The Quick And The Dead

free The Quick And The Dead film. A film “The Quick And The Dead” director by Sam Raimi. This movie uses lot’s of ingredients used in classic westerns. It does it in a fun way but it doesn’t spoof the classic westerns in any way and it never becomes humorous or a parody that makes fun of the genre. this film is that the cast is an all-star one: Sharon Stone, Gene Hackman, Russell Crowe, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Gary Sinise in a bit part. Raimi has always done brilliant visuals; I don’t know his history, but I suspect he read a lot of pulp comics as a kid. The early scene where Stone gets up (after playing dead) and you see her shadow putting her hat back on, with the obvious bullet hole in the brim, is sheer visual brilliance. Scenes of gunfights are great – dynamic, temperament and with weird Raimi’s sense of art. Many shots are just like comic book – very rich and filled with many details. Watch full The Quick And The Dead film online now..!!

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