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Film The Saint Watch The Saint film. A film “The Saint” director by Phillip Noyce. I liked this movie. Not as “The Saint” but as an elaborate action movie with a twist. The Saint is hired by Russian gangsters to get a secret cold fusion formula from a brilliant, beautiful and young scientist played by Elisabeth Shue. Anyway he falls in love and has to outwit the dangerous gangsters. I have never seen the series so I can’t really compare. Val Kilmer was just perfect for Simon Templar, and um a lot of saints. Elisabeth Shue was great for Emma Russell, as was Rade Serbedzija for Tretiak. I was vaguely baffled by the inclusion of random, suffering Russian civilians towards the latter half of the film. The Saint is a great movie, for almost the entire Family. Please, take time to enjoy this Film. It’s one of the best, and especially one of Val Kilmer’s best. Watch free full The Saint film online.

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