The Tournament

The Tournament poster Watch The Tournament film. A film “The Tournament” director by Scott Mann. Online watch The Tournament movie here. There has been so much trash released over the past couple of years, however The Tournament is one of those fun trashy movies that hits the action spot very nicely. The whole thing is kind of like no limit hold’em.. but they can’t all dodge bullets, baby. Think Tekken and you’re not in the right area, it is better than Uwe Boll and that ilk. The plot about the assassin tournament is clean and simple, a lot like “Taken” and when it comes to comparison between these two films, only advantage for “Taken” is Liam Neeson. The “plot” is that every seven years the best assassins from all over the word are gathered together in a small town to go at each other in a free ranging field of play until there is one man or woman left standing. There are some pretty good low budget action scenes similar to but not as good as, say, Disrict 13 or Ong-Bak, that make this movie at least watchable, but overall it is just dumb and mean and it will probably give you a stomach ache, even if you are a seasoned horror movie fan. It’s by no means a must-see and i can see why, despite it’s initial promise, it’s gone straight to video. It is, however, a cut above many films that go down that route. Robert Carlyle was funny as the alcoholic priest, while Ving Rhames gave his usual, no nonsense drama. Watch free full The Tournament film online.

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