Watch Tombstone film. A film “Tombstone” director by George P. Cosmatos. ombstone delivers an action-adventure popcorn movie that doesn’t have to be campy and one-dimensional to be enjoyable. The acting is incredible in this film. I’m not a huge Kurt Russell fan, but he played his role very well. Among others, I consider this one of Val Kilmer’s best performances. Kilmer has only 31 scenes but manages to steal every one of them with a solid, beautifully thought and felt impersonation of a Southern gentleman, owing a bit to Tennessee Williams’ famous drawl. The movie does ‘belong’ to Val Kilmer. He gave a real sense of fatalism as ‘Doc’ Holliday, wanting to die in a blaze of gunfire rather than fading away from tuberculosis. Watch free full Tombstone film online now.

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Tombstone Comments

pratosh666 says:

[..YouTube..] “I have 3 Guns “@1:15 Rocks ..Hehe.. 3:)

[..YouTube..] 1:07 I lol’d; he looks just like the Doc from the real movie

[..YouTube..] Great video! Loved how some of the parody actors looked somewhat similar to the original cast! xD LOVED IT

[..YouTube..] Rotfl. Im prolly the biggest fan of Tombstone, and this… this was the most amazing parody Ive ever seen. 3 thumbs up!

RAMoore1159 says:

[..YouTube..] ROCK ON TANNER BEARD!!!!!


[..YouTube..] I’m your blueberry. haha

Pat2296 says:

[..YouTube..] Hey the guy playing Doc is really good!

PapagenoJuan says:

[..YouTube..] MOP JOHNSON!!! hahahha xD youtube classic!! :)

bbillygoats says:

[..YouTube..] well done!!!

ironica728 says:

[..YouTube..] HEY… What happened to the Alabama Action Squad video?

[..YouTube..] great job,guys.

[..YouTube..] lmmfactfo!!!! hahahaha…. “say… spaghetti” lol, pure mork of low budget film making genious. I LOVED IT!!! PS. “uh… fanny pack – wha, wha, what”

seratonin610 says:

[..YouTube..] Now I’m gonna be going around saying, “Say…spaghetti” for no reason and nobody is gonna know why. Caleb? I thought it was Jack Black, not gonna lie. This was hella amusing. More work for mops is totes needed.