Die Fälscher

Die Fälscher poster Watch Die Falscher (The Counterfeiters) film. A film “Die Fälscher” director by Stefan Ruzowitzky. Salomon “Sally” Sorowitsch (Markovics) is a master counterfeiter, living a life of debauchery in pre-war Berlin, until his luck finally runs out, and he is captured and shipped out to the Mauthausen concentration camp. The acting is outstanding all the way through. You will learn more about counterfeiting efforts by the Nazis to undermine the British and Americans. Karl Markovics is the shining light of the cast. Who thought that the guy who came to greater popularity by starring in “Kommissar Rex” would end up getting roles like this one and playing them to perfection?. The main actor was unknown to me and something of an anti-hero but the gradual emergence of his positive sides was well done. The Counterfeiters is repeatedly described, by its publicists and others, as a “true story”, I want to focus on some of the variations between the post-war interrogation statement given by Salomon Smolianoff, the real-life master counterfeiter portrayed in the film, and the events depicted in the movie. The Hauptsturmführer and the main character, Sally, is described in an interesting way, not at least because of the brilliant acting from Karl Marcovics. An incredible film of enduring merit. The gaunt features of the actors seemed tailor made for this instructive entertainment. Watch free full Die Fälscher film online.

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Crazzii008 says:

[..YouTube..] Ich glaube ich habe den schonmal gesehen.

[..YouTube..] drecks film!!!

[..YouTube..] the music is a tango called “mano a mano”.Regards

Recently92 says:

[..YouTube..] Anybody knows the music that plays in the beginning and in the end at the text? I really find it good anybody?

[..YouTube..] Just seen it. Great Movie! Really good!

Aleteuk says:

[..YouTube..] macht lust auf mehr..