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Free Welcome To The Jungle film. A film “Welcome To The Jungle” director by Jonathan Hensleigh. The plot, such as it is, involves two young couples armed with video cameras who set off into the New Guinea jungle to find Michael Rockefeller, heir to the wealthy family, who disappeared on an expedition there in nignteen sixty. The four main cast members manage to pull of believable performances and have interesting characters to work with. Welcome To The Jungle movie has quite a build-up of characterization before things start going wrong and relationships begin to go all over the place. I understand how a viewer could miss the mark; but how producers, directors and writers could let everything about the retelling escape them boggles the mind. watch full Welcome To The Jungle film for free..!!

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Welcome To The Jungle – full film free Comments

psp2333 says:

[..YouTube..] that one guy looks like the wrestler “The Rock” is dat dat guy?

[..YouTube..] and UK

[..YouTube..] can u plz add the bit the dude thunder loghting all the parts wen he duz tht

naki619 says:

[..YouTube..] this film is so good

[..YouTube..] ein geiler Film

nils says:

sali du

kartha789 says:

[..YouTube..] Do you know the soundtracks of the movie ??Can you list it ?

mestason says:

[..YouTube..] Wow. Looks like you really put an effort into it. =) Good song too. Think i’m gonna look up that group some more. :)

cassatamen says:

[..YouTube..] in portugal is__bem-vindo a selva

nuwan86 says:

[..YouTube..] ernie reyes jr is the man!!

anvar says:

i like thisn film

kylekyle250 says:

[..YouTube..] Oh, that’s odd haha cool, thanks for the info

future500 says:

[..YouTube..] Yes true,but in other countries,like Belgium it’s called Welcome to the jungle.

kylekyle250 says:

[..YouTube..] This movie is ” The Rundown “

future500 says:

[..YouTube..] Ill Nino-Corazon of Mine

modekrc says:

[..YouTube..] what’s the song playing there???